Where can I find a local broker or agent who sells insurance schemes?

Check the website of the National Association of health insurance. Keep in mind that agents will not necessarily show you all the available policies, but only those insurers with whom they work on.

If I have an individual plan, you can keep?

Possible. In general, plans must be to come into force in 2014, meet the requirements of the Act. However, the error in most countries, if your insurance allows you to renew early its current policy – before 1 January – and you will be able to store more than 12 months without penalty.

A handful of countries to limit this possibility. Insurers selling plans that are managed by the State of California, for example, grants may not be offered renewals in 2013 plans. So, ask your insurer. And do not forget that if you go this route, your plan will not necessarily that the benefits required by the Affordable Care Act.

You can buy one of these 2013 plans now to cover next year if I do not already have?

Yes – if you are eligible, said Sabrina Corlette, research professor at the Institute for Health Policy at Georgetown University. You are not insured plans coverage if the insurance company may refuse your application if you are sick. However, many buyers think ehealthinsurance.com 2013 plans said Carrie McLean, head of customer service at the site. Premiums may be lower, she said, because they do not have plans to offer all the benefits provided by the new law requires.