With so much attention on the difficulty of the first insurance exchanges the Obama administration, another option is largely unnoticed: if you live in Washington, DC, or Vermont, you can also buy insurance In addition to trade
In general, health policy after 1 January, if sold on the market or you must comply with the Affordable Care Act. This means that they must offer the same menu of essential benefits such as coverage of drugs and maternity care, and can not deny you coverage if you are already sick. And insurance companies that sell policies both on and off trade to sell the same plan for the same price.

Of course, the main attraction of the exchange is that the plans that are sold come with subsidies, which can significantly reduce your monthly premium. (Premium Loans for people up to $ 46,000 for an individual and up to $ 94,000 for a family of four.)

Brokers on the Internet, such as e-health, which should be able to help consumers enroll in the plans of the eligible grant associate at the federal market, in order to verify the consumer’s income, in accordance with government guidelines issued last spring. However, this is not true for e-health, partly because the company is still testing its system, said spokesman Nate Purpura.

However, the site offers more than 60 thousand plans of insurance that you can buy if you are not looking for subsidies.

For their ability to sell on the plans for the exchange, insurance companies must follow the rules as to its marketing plans and really should offer at least one plan in the “silver” and the category “gold”. These plans have higher premiums but lower out-of-pocket costs, plans of the lower class “bronze”.

The plans, which are sold in the securities market are also expected to follow the same level as those used for public procurement to indicate the level of costs that will incur.

Whether the policy, which you can find over the counter better deal for you than scholarship plans is not yet clear, and varies depending on the market. “I do not think we have a good idea of what,” said Robert Zirkelbach, a spokesman for Health Insurance Plans America, the industry group. But, he added, it makes sense to check.

Another possible reason to shop off the exchange if the network according to the plans you will find you do not understand your doctor or hospital offering, said Sara R. Collins, an expert in the field of health policy at the Commonwealth Fund. In some cases, insurance companies seek to control costs by reducing network plans available in the exchanges.

Of course, there is still time to register with exchanges by the federal government, assuming that the army of technical experts who are brought in help to make good on the promise of President Obama’s solving problems that affect Healthcare.gov, the Federal Trade Portal .

About shop, you have until December 15 to register for coverage beginning on 1 January. (Under the new rules, announced this week, you can register until March 31 for coverage that begins after January 1, and still avoid the penalty.) And if you live in one of the business’ own exchange, as New York and Minnesota, the registration is said to be running more smoothly.

In the meantime, you can also try to register, or you can print out the paper form healthcare.gov and apply by post. Page lists the location by postal code, where you can get help in person.

Here are some questions to consider.

How can I get health insurance outside the public markets?

You can use the “View plans and pricing in your area” option on Healthcare.gov see that insurance companies offer plans in your country, contact them yourself to see what they offer. However, not all insurance companies have plans on trade, so you can also try shopping malls.