More Americans are buying their own health insurance, but the process can be difficult. There are ways to make sure you understand what you are buying and that you get the product that is best for you.

You can start by confirming that you really need to purchase individual insurance as it is. For many people, it is best to avoid the retail market, as in most countries, insurers may refuse because of existing health conditions.

Website Kaiser Family Foundation is a good place to start in finding their eligibility for various government programs, or if you lose coverage because a plan in their service achievements through a federal law known as Cobra. When the Cobra coverage is exhausted, the insurer may require in accordance with federal law to sell you other policies, but there is no guarantee the price. However, different countries for the implementation of this rule otherwise.

If you buy your own insurance, start your search for the websites that explain the basics, such as by the Institute for Health Policy at Georgetown University sponsors and, the National Health Law Program-for-profit. They will help you understand the concepts and language of the disease, which is not always easy to understand insurance and give you an idea of questions on the plane. has useful information, but I know that the website also provides insurance quotes from what he called a “carefully selected partners who are in business selling health insurance.”

Then you can noodle around the stock market online that sell health insurance, including,, and You can get estimates are based on limited data anonymous.

Some consumers choose plans that are based solely on online research. But without guidance, it can be difficult to understand the nuances of the plan and how it compares with other options. First, make sure that you are buying insurance, no other product, such as discount cards – a key way to tell is to check with your state regulatory authority that the company sells the product is considered to be a legitimate insurance company. Be very careful about restricted products, such as the concept of collateral that last time, because you may not be able to restore such a plan at the end of this period.

In reviewing the policy, do not just look at the premium. Included in other expenses you will encounter as a percentage of the cost of doctor visits. Make sure you understand the maximum annual out-of-pocket policy, which most you might have to spend in a year, as some costs may not count in the overall mean. Some insurance companies require you to track your own expense and said the company when you reach the maximum, which can be a headache.

Read the fine print of your deductible, which is the amount you need to ask before your insurance company starts to pay. Some policies may have multiple franchises, one for each family member. Insurers also can not count certain costs franchises.

Also pay attention to the limitations of benefits, including annual and lifetime maximum payment. Called political “mini-MED” to limit their payments can be dangerous, because you could end up paying bills for thousands of dollars if you have an illness or a major surgery. Some plans pay a fixed amount for each day of stay in the hospital, you may be left on the hook for thousands of dollars. drug benefits do not always include all drugs. Some policies exclude maternity coverage or do not understand the concern for pre-existing conditions.